Adoption Programs

Adoption Programs

The Children's Aid Home Programs is a licensed adoption agency in the state of Pennsylvania. We are an approved affiliate with the Statewide Adoption and Permanency Network (SWAN). We complete SWAN, Foster to Adopt, Private and International home studies.

The following items are needed for approval as an adoptive parent:
~ A list of your addresses for the past ten years (please list on the application and on the Resource Family Registration Form)
~ Health appraisals / physicals (agency will provide forms) for applicants and children
~ Act 33/34 Criminal and Child Abuse Clearances need to completed for anyone in the home over the age of 14 (agency will provide the forms, if you need more please let your caseworker know)
~ FBI Clearances - you will need to be fingerprinted (anyone in the home over the age of 18)
~ A list of eight people we can contact for references (list this on the application)
~ Copy of marriage certificate
~ Copy of birth certificate
~ Copy of divorce decrees (if applicable)
~ Copy of Driver's License
~ Copy of homeowner's or renter's insurance verification
~ Copy of vehicle insurance cards and verification sheet
~ A water test (if applicable)
~ Proof of your income for the last ten years (You may use Social Security yearly updates, tax returns or sign the enclosed waiver and we can obtain them)
~ Most recent tax return
~ Copy of all pet vaccinations (if applicable)
~ Any agency forms which we will give to you upon orientation
~ Copy of any family court proceedings

Families seeking SWAN or foster to adopt approval must complete 24 hours of training

~ Males & Females
~ Birth to age 18
~ Special Needs
~ In need of a permanent home

Services Provided to Adoptive Parents
~ Orientation and Information Assistance
~ Adoptive Family Profiles
~ Adoptive Preparation
~ On-Going Adoption Training
~ Child Preparation
~ Adoption Searches

Services Provided by Adoptive Parents
~ A Stable Home
~ Emotional Support
~ Clothing
~ Health Care
~ Transportation

International Adoption Services
~ Orientation
~ Adoptive Family Home Studies
~ Coordination of Service with International Agencies
~ Post Placement Supervision Reports

Approved Statewide Adoption Network (SWAN) Affiliate
~ Child Profiles
~ Child Preparation
~ Family Profiles
~ Post Permanency Services
~ Child Specific Recruitment