About Us

Mission Statement

Our Mission is to provide a continuum of quality services, which promote the emotional, behavioral, educational and physical development of children, adolescents, and their families.

About Us

The Children's Aid Home provides an exciting future for our children, families, and staff. Our facility, the Shoemaker Home, is 37,420 square feet and is located on the Wheeler Campus, a 55-acre property located near the Somerset Commons on State Route 601.

The Shoemaker Home on the Wheeler Campus (Est. 2001)

The building includes single bedrooms for all residents in three wings. The building design allows for two additional wings. The building has many private rooms for family visits. A multi-purpose room is used for dining and recreation. There is a classroom and counseling rooms in the Partial Hospitalization wing. Our new facility gives us the opportunity to expand our programs as the need arises.

Values and Beliefs

~ Care and services are provided in a safe, nurturing, and non-judgmental environment.
~ Care and services are provided considering the individual strengths and needs of the child and family.
~ Care and services are provided by trained professional staff who are provided all needed resources.
~ Staff are dedicated and committed to fulfilling the mission and achieving the vision of the organization.
~ Children and families are appreciated for their distinct family, cultural, and spiritual beliefs and differences.
~ Children and families are treated with respect, honesty, and the most appropriate level of service.
~ Programs and services are continually reviewed and evaluated for the purpose of improvement.

Vision Statement

The Children's Aid Home Programs will be the successful, respected and premier provider of comprehensive children and family services in the area.

Board of Directors

Cindy Breen - President
Barb Davies - Vice President
Megan Critchfield - Secretary
Bill Stoy
Melanie Barbera
Larry Barron
Tim Mateljan
Jeff Urban
Lynne Faint
Christina Sechler
Trisha Hottle
Michelle Moon